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Karen has always been interested in painting but over the last eight years, although still a hobby,  it has become an absorbing passion. Initially Karen attended classes at the local community centre , then at Whitehorse Arts Association. She has tried many mediums enjoying most but it is in acrylics and mixed media that Karen  has developed her own style.

Karen  enjoys painting in both traditional  and non-traditional ways, experimenting with different media and materials to best express her feeling for the subject. Her work is strongly influenced by nature and the landscape and draws on natures colours, patterns, textures and moods for inspiration. Her strong lines, texture, colour and the variety of materials used in each artwork celebrate the subject and  invite the viewer  to investigate the painting more closely.. 

Karen is a member of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria, Mt Evelyn & Yarra Valley Art Society and Whitehorse Arts Association.

Karen is currently completing a Diploma of Visual Art at Chisholm, Frankston






Over the last six  years she has entered  work in many art society and other group exhibitions as well as having the following solo exhibitions-

May - June 2008 Brumfield at the Oaks Winery, Yering

August - September 2008 R.A.C.V Country Club, Healesville

October 2008 - February 2009 Squisito Café QV Centre Melbourne

March - May 2009 - Richmond Library for the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria ( dedicated space for members)

Dec 2009 - February 2010 The New Brumfield Winery at Seville

March 2012 - April 2012 Brumfield Winery, Seville

Karen  has won a number of prizes in Art competitions including Annual Award for Non-Traditional Art at the Mt Evelyn and Yarra Valley Art Society for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. In February 2010  Karen exhibited work at the Parade College Artists on Parade exhibition and won the Contemporary Art Prize.